2024/02/19 12:01 PM

Why does the Ocean Shores city code enforcement wish to convert the prized sanctuary of the Washington State Park into a city?

The city has overrun their surveyed 200 foot border parcel# 618122758170 pictured as the red line in the photo above and they are now violating our prized State Park sanctuary.


City code enforcement has been acting out of jurisdiction by writing city violations to State Park visitors, which has resulted in a death sentence, 364 day jail penalties, $5000.00 fines, yearly registration fees of $100.00, and a requirement to maintain a $500,000.00 bond.

And all of these actions were taken against a female yellow Labrador retriever, named Chi, who has never bitten any person, has never attempted to bite any person, has no desire to bite any person, and did not kill anyone or anything, but simply defended herself against three male dogs while all dogs were off leash in the State Park far outside of the cities boundaries.

Meet, Chi, the dog that was sentenced to death by the city of Ocean Shores – Code Enforcement.

The result was and is a lifelong brutal relentless violation of the dog owners rights by city code enforcement. Not to mention the hardships caused for the defendants dog. Chi, the dog in these photos grew up in a comfortable outdoor standard chain-link kennel. But now the ocean Shores city code enforcement is stating that kennel is no longer allowed and the dog must be kept in a Hannibal Lector style confinement, even though the dog has never bitten a person and could not be made to bite a person. And all of this and more from a wrongful charge and prosecution.

See Death Sentence from City Code Enforcement

The letter below was received by the City of Ocean Shores, Mayor, on January 19, 2024, 10:27 am. The letter was sent using USPS Certified Mail with tracking number 7020 0640 0001 2339 9994. This letter was sent restricted delivery to the Ocean Shores city Mayor.


Dear Mayor:

Here in this letter, we are sending you five coordinates and are asking you to identify which of these coordinates are inside the city of Ocean Shores, WA legal city boundaries?


Using the coordinate references above, we are asking you to reply within 15 days to the address above using a written letter through the United States Postal Service and or an email letter document to

If you cannot answer with a yes or no, then please reply with an explanation.


Then, thankfully, six days later, on January 25, 2024 the Mayor had the lead Ocean Shores city Attorney reply, and the Attorney stated:

I have been forwarded your correspondence of January 18, 2024, inquiring about coordinates inside the City of Ocean Shores. Unfortunately, the City of Ocean Shores does not possess this information and for reasons pertaining to liability, and moreover, because the City is unaware what these coordinates will be used for, the City declines to comment on this matter.

Every city employee, especially city code enforcement and the city’s municipal court system should immediately know the legal city boundaries for enforcing city ordinances. Any police officer acting out of jurisdiction is committing a serious offense.

The lead city Attorney is stating that the city of Ocean Shores does not possess information allowing them to determine whether a location is inside or outside of the city boundaries, and he declines to comment.

Was the inquiry overly complicated?  Just click the links below to see its location on a google map and decide if that location is inside the city of Ocean Shores. Or you could copy and paste the links to your favorite mapping service.

Coordinate number 4 is the location of the Ocean Shores city hall. Coordinates 1,2,3, and 5 are not located in the city but are located inside the State Park, thousands of feet west and beyond the “Welcome to the State Park” signs. And thousands of feet west of the cities westernmost legal parcel.

Coordinate number 1 is the location of the dogfight where the city code enforcement officer acted out of jurisdiction and charged the Washington State Park visitor with a city ordinance violation.

146.967444,-124.175147 NO
246.979379,-124.174866 NO
346.999639,-124.174447 NO
447.011331,-124.163101 YES
547.012405,-124.174328 NO

There have been two Ocean Shores city municipal cases where the defendant compelled the city to produce a legal jurisdiction document and the document the court provided was the city’s Articles of Incorporation Boundaries as the legal jurisdiction document:

See city Articles of Incorporation Boundaries Definition

Of those two Ocean Shores municipal court cases, the first case was dismissed and the second case was a dangerous dog case. In the second case, in the link below, is the female yellow Labrador retriever, which the city code enforcement officer declared to be dangerous:

Meet, Chi, the dog that was sentenced to death by the city of Ocean Shores – Code Enforcement.

In the dangerous dog case, the defendant asked for an attorney but was not provided with one. The defendant asked for a jury trial, and was not given one. Instead, the city decided his fate. During that case, the city prosecutor asked the Judge to order the defendant to be in contempt of court for mentioning jurisdiction. And the Judge then warned the defendant that he would be charged with contempt of court for mentioning jurisdiction.

Also in that dangerous dog case, the defendant was not allowed to enter photos and videos of his dog, Chi. The defendant’s dog is a female yellow Labrador retriever that is not dangerous by any means and is widely known to be a very affectionate kind loving retriever who is a great benefit to society.

The code enforcement Officer told the defendant that self and the former city police chief helped draft the city ordinance the defendant was being charged with. And the officer seemed to speak quite proudly of it.

So why is a city code enforcement officer who drafted a city ordinance also involved with enforcing it?

Chi was innocent of any State charges and could not be charged. City code enforcement acted out of jurisdiction by charging the dogs owner with a city ordinance violation.

After the defendant endured four years of daily rights violations the city code enforcement officer sent a death threat to the dogs owner complaining that there were signs posted on his property, but not as many as the officer would like to see. So the city code enforcement officer made additional charges towards the dog owner. And that started a 6 month court battle where the dog owner was looking at a year in jail, a $5000.00 fine, and the loss of his companion, Chi.

A cities code enforcement using its articles of incorporation to commandeer a beautiful prized State Park sanctuary is illegal, unethical, immoral, and is so profoundly wrong in every sense.

The city dangerous dog ordinance is warped to say the least, allowing city code enforcement to kill an Ocean Shores citizens companion family member for allegedly provoking a dog fight, jail the Ocean Shores citizen for a year, fine him $5000.00, and force him to maintain a $500,000.00 bond.

That city ordinance also forces the Ocean Shores citizen to treat their harmless family companion as a “Hannibal Lector” where the dog is no longer able to socialize with humans or other animals which causes the destruction of the dogs soul.

PS 2014/02/14: I am very grateful to our current Mayor who was kind enough to read the letter and forward it to the lead city attorney. The Mayors actions showed true professionalism and his genuine care for OS citizens inquiries.

COURT DOCUMENT: 46.967444444444446 ,-124.17514722222222 SATELLITE OVERVIEW DOG FIGHT
COURT DOCUMENT: 46.967444444444446 ,-124.17514722222222 SATELLITE OVERVIEW DOG FIGHT
COURT DOCUMENT: 46.967444444444446 ,-124.17514722222222 SATELLITE OVERVIEW DOG FIGHT DETAILS
COURT DOCUMENT: 46.967444444444446 ,-124.17514722222222 SATELLITE OVERVIEW DOG FIGHT DETAILS